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Our services: We offer classical, modern and luxury furnitures Our posy: „Top to bottom, ready to move”
We offer high quality, large range and the best price value for money. Transylvanian, Italian, Polish and Hungarian furniture manufacturers offer products in your houses or apartments, mansions or castles or even for complete furnishing diningroom, bedroom, living room, working cabinets, bookcase, bar, hall, seaters, etc.
A rich variety of styles range met the demands suitable, whether it be a neo-baroque style till old-germain, the Spanish Renaissance to Louis Philippe style.
Our furniture is mostly made of solid wood: using beech, oak, sycamore, linden, walnut. We bring well-trained designers to implement modern versions created by interior designers, carpenters and styles of old masters carving works out to you to enjoy your furniture is in the hope of a brighter future. 
Leather and fabric upholstery make it more enjoyable our seaters. In addition, these coatings can be acquire from us for other your purposes, such as curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths. 
Our main products are:
  • Dining room furnitures
  • Bedroom sets, bed frames, bedroom wardrobes
  • mattresses, mattress supports
  • Room furniture and appliances
  • Living room with cupboards, sofa sets
  • Working cabinets, writing desks, directorial armchairs, bookshelves,
  • Office furniture, desks, chairs,
  • Plasma TV sets, sofas, corner set
  • Kitchen furniture, classic dining tables and cupboards
  • Hall furniture, racks, shoe chests, benches phone
  • Dutch-type seating and lounge sets
  • Additional small furniture: clocks, console tables, coffee tables,
  • Hotel furniture, hotel bedroom furniture, hotel equipment 
Our posy: „Top to bottom, ready to move” for us means that we can give offer all kinds of use and style, turnkey means that free mensuration and price offer of your house, working together with you to form the optimal furnishing idea that after all this, your order fulfill our favorable deadlines . 
Further, in addition to deliver a positive charge, the furniture is assembled and handed over turnkey. Our customers can be found in addition to the wine houses, mansions, hotels owners metropolitan and rural apartments, houses owners as well. Residential or public large assortment of furniture! 
We undertake all our products and provide warranties and guarantees provided by the legislation.
Request for quote
Prepare a custom bid request in a few steps.
  1. Browse through the product lines on the site and choose the furniture you like. You can find the "Bid=Ajánlathoz" button for each furniture.Ajanlathoz
  2. As you add a new item to the bid, you see the increase in the number of items in the upper right corner.
  3. Finally, go back to this page (Request for Quote) and submit your request.
Or call us by phone on our show-room: +36 23 428 192
If you sent your quote request:
  1. We get the email which products are interested in
  2. We will contact you by phone or email and we will give you a complete quote for furniture
  3. If the quote is favourable, then we will be waiting for the order and we will further discuss the payment, receipt and delivery of the furniture
  4. If you order it from our warehouse we can ship it immediately or you can pick it up personally, otherwise if you arrive at our ordered warehouse we will notify you and deliver it
  5. We arrange for home delivery or personal pick-up for furniture
  6. You will then receive the receipt of the invoice and the warranty card
The warranty period is one year from the date of delivery.
The invitation to tender does not constitute an order, so the contracting authority is not bound by any obligation.
The pictures on this site are illustrations, so it may be different to some real look.
Feel our complete offer now!
You can inquire about our shipping rates by phone or submit a quote and we will inform you about the possibilities and the specific prices in the confirmation.
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